The report from  Wilton Park’s virtual dialogue Consensus for Care Pathways for NAFLD/NASH, in partnership with the EASL International Liver Foundation with support from Intercept, is now available on Wilton Park’s website:

NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is a rapidly growing global health challenge. Despite affecting an estimated 2 billion people globally, the disease has received relatively little attention from policymakers, healthcare practitioners and global health experts. In 2020 and 2021 Wilton Park and the EASL International Liver Foundation (EILF) are partnering to hold a series of NAFLD dialogues which will holistically address a broad range of issues with the aim of advancing the global NAFLD agenda.
Two virtual dialogues, chaired by Nancy Lee (Wilton Park) and Jeffrey V Lazarus (EILF), were held on June 16 and September 30 2020, focused on the design and implementation of care pathways for patients with NAFLD. There is a clear unmet need related to care pathways for patients with NAFLD with no formal pathways existing in many healthcare settings. Where pathways are in place these are often not standardised according to best practices. These events convened 33 leading clinicians, researchers and patient advocates from across Europe and north America for detailed discussions on what concrete actions can be taken to improve models of care for NAFLD patients.

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